Getting Sky Plans And Bundles Saves You More Money

Sky TV users may need to brace themselves for a price hike in the premium TV service they have been enjoying for years. The leading UK media and entertainment company is geared to take an increase in its offers as they are enhancing the features of its satellite TV.

newNowTVBox_w460_h260The average amount to be added will be £2 or £3 a month, starting on the second half of 2016. Those who will likely be affected the most are those using The Complete Bundle or the Premier Plan.

Find out how much the increase is and ask yourself if the entertainment you and your family is getting is still worth the price revamp.

Price Increase

Subscribers under the Sky Q plan can expect an increase of £4.25, totaling the monthly cost of maintaining the service at £80 a month. This information comes after receiving a number of Sky Q orders from rival broadband competitors.

Also seeing a bump are the Sky Sports and Sky Movies users, which will see them add an extra £1.50 on top of the bill they usually pay for, while Sky Sports standalone will add £2 per month.

The Original Bundle, Sky’s basic package, will still be at £20 a month. It can be said that across the board, most of the existing customers will increase their Sky entertainment budget by up to £2.50 depending on the plan and package they currently have. Give the Sky Customer Service a call to ask for more information about the increase in the subscription rates.

Choosing A Plan

Choosing which Sky package suits both your pocket and entertainment appetite is easy as there are many Sky offers for TV. You can also save more if you bundle them along with your broadband and mobile phone plans. A subscription on a single deal is possible although bundling them all together may prove more cost effective in the long run. Combining the Internet, entertainment and mobile in one plan is very much a possibility with Sky.

Consider both your lifestyle and connectivity needs so that you can decide better if combining all three will give you not only savings but more sky_ireland_connectivity options.

Movie and sports fans can have deals tailor-fitted for them. It is common knowledge that major events in sports in the UK are mainly accessible through the Sky Sports channel. Plans start for as low as £20 per month.

There are also a lot of deals to choose from when it comes to internet connection. Sky Broadband starts at £10 per month. By bundling it with other services, the savings are greater. Switching from another provider gives you exclusive deals while new customers get rebate or add on values instead. The bundle includes a Sky set-up box too. 

Choosing A Bundle

The Original Sky Bundle gives you 240 free air channels. Eleven other channels are in HD. The entertainment channels count to 35. The Family Sky Bundle has the same free channels with more entertainment channels at 75 and 50 HD channels.

If you go for the Sky Sports deal, you get the same channels as the Original Sky Bundle along with seven sports channel.

Subscribing To Sky With One Call

The Sky phone number is accessible from 8:30 am to 11:30 pm, seven days a week. To subscribe to the services of Sky, you need to contact the sales team via 0844 385 1222. It is advised to call after 3:30 PM. Feedback from customers shows that the calls are less busy during that particular time.

When you give them a call they will be able to tell you the perfect fit based on your needs. The customer service associate will be able to provide you with all the information related to the bundle you prefer. This will include all channels as well as your monthly payment, the duration of the deal, the terms and conditions etc.

Easy To Go Sky

It is now not hard to choose which Sky package will suit both your budget and entertainment needs. There are various offers from Sky for TV, broadband and telephone be it separate or in packages. You have a choice of either subscribing on a single deal or bundled together to combine internet, mobile and entertainment in one.

Deals are tailor-fit be it for movie and sports enthusiasts. Major sports events in the UK are accessible through the Sky Sports channel. From as low as £20 per month, there are several TV packages to choose from.

Sky Broadband can be had for £10 per month. There are many offers to choose from. Savings are greater if you choose to bundle the services since there are exclusive deals for existing customers. New customers or those switching from other providers have different offers like rebate or add on values.

Original Bundle

With the Original Sky Bundle, you get 240 free to air channels with 11 HD channels and 35 entertainment channels. The Family Sky Bundle will provide you with 75 entertainment channels, 50 HD channels and 240 free channels. The bundle will give you a Sky set-up box too.

With the Sky Sports Bundle, you get the same channels as the Original Sky Bundle along with seven sports channel . It also features around 127 live Premier league games.

Then there is the Complete Sky Bundle. In this packsky-broadbandage, there are 300 channels all in HD + 7 sports channels +11 movie channels. This bundle comes along Sky box sets.

When you call the helpline you can also make consultations on the common problems that you can encounter with Sky services. Common issues include Sky Viewing card not working, the inability to receive signals on the Sky boxes, low broadband speed experience, if the Sky Dish was misaligned due to bad weather conditions.

Other Concerns

Other issues include forgetting your Sky TV PIN, being unable to reboot the Sky broadband router and being unable to set up the Sky broadband at your home.

Billing wise you can cancel you Sky subscription, or switch to Sky from another provider and upgrade you Sky package as you go along with your subscription. All these and many more can be made through the helpline from Sky.

Sky Issues

Having issues with Sky services? If you are unable to manage your Sky Accounts or you would want to upgrade your Sky Package, there is a number to call. It is now easy to get your problems solved. Call the Sky number: 0844 385 1222 for the solutions to your problems.

Standard call rates will apply when calling the Sky customer service number. If you are using Sky Talk service, then you get to save on your calls. You get to call cheaper when you dial a British number using Sky Talk. If you call from other landlines network, calls on the 0800 numbers will be charged the same as national geographical numbers using 020 or 030 digits.